You’re welcome, internet. Go fuck yourself. [x]

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Jay’s ASL Ice Bucket Challenge!

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Jay Baruchel at Cannes Film Festival, photocall.

Jay Baruchel at Cannes Film Festival, photocall.

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brianahonack said:
What would he do next

In terms of events/projects?

I know he is hosting the Polaris Gala in September, as well as filming a few episodes of his upcoming show Man Seeking Woman in Toronto. 

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Jay Baruchel as Tom Pope in RoboCop (2014)

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When This is the End came out, so many kids on Twitter said, ‘All I see is Hiccup swearing.’


-Jay Bruchel, voice of Hiccup.  Entertainment Weekly (April 18/25 2014)

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Anonymous said:
beard jay or beardless jay? :3

I am a fan of facial hair!

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Anonymous said:
this is random but what in the world is Jay's twitter background supposed to be lol. is it some kind of abstract painting, I can't figure out what it is? is it supposed to be dragons flying around or something?

It is an abstract painting. I recall of him tweeting about the artist once, but I don’t exactly remember if he mentioned what the actual painting is of. I can see how they may look like dragons, I initially thought they were angels.

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